AltBanc provides a lifeline
AltBanc provides an exit strategy for MCA funders. We pay funders a lump sum based on the outstanding MCA balance in order to extinguish the debt. We are not a settlement firm and refinance the debt directly with the merchant ourselves. In other words, funders benefit from immediate collection and eliminate their risk. We work directly with funders to evaluate the risk of the MCA and make an offer within 1 week. If the offer is accepted we move forward to pay funders quickly and take over the existing debt.
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Our application and loan requirements

Our Requirements

Altbanc works with companies that have outstanding debt obligations ranging from $50,000 to $5,000,000 that meet the following criteria:

Time in business
2+ Years in business
Monthly Revenue
Minimum $10,000 per month in revenue
No past defaults on loans
No past defaults
What we offer to Funders?
Immediate Liequidity for Cash Advances
Get immediate payouts on your existing MCAs to free up liquidity.
Quick payouts for merchant cash advances
Fast turnaround time on all partnerships, get your liquidity in days, not months.
Easy and straightforward lending
Eliminate your risk without settlement, defaults, or high legal fees.

Want to learn more?

If you have MCAs you need instant collection on, provide us with details so we can send you a fair offer. We can provide immediate up-front lidquidity and consolidate your existing MCAs.
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