Our Mission: Support Small Businesses
Altbanc was created by entrepreneurs to help enable fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners to remain independent and successful, despite any past unfortuitous high-interest merchant cash advances or difficult times. Escaping the cycle of short-term merchant cash advances can be overwhelming and seemingly impossible. Altbanc is here to provide relief. We work directly with businesses to cater bespoke solutions that work for them.

Ready to take action to alleviate merchant cash advance debt?

It doesn't have to be complicated. Fill out this basic information and we will contact you within 24 hours with the next steps! Or email us diretly at info@altbanc.us.
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Aligned Incentives

We structure loans to keep your business healthy instead of focusing on high-interest daily or weekly payments. Our goal is to become long term partners and improve your business credit, access better capital, and grow.

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We work directly with your team to tech enable your business
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We take pride in providing opportunities for your business, your success is our success
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Record of Success

We provide custom solutions for every client, and work directly with you to ensure success for your business by eliminating merchant cash advance debt.

We have never had a partner default because we do everything in our power to set you up with what you need to operate smoothly and efficiently.
Debt relief with Altbanc
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Our Requirements

Altbanc works with companies that have outstanding debt obligations ranging from $50,000 to $5,000,000 that meet the following criteria:

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2+ Years in business
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Minimum $10,000 per month in revenue
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No past defaults
What we offer?
Small monthly payments for merchants
Stabilize your cashflow with a consistent monthly payment schedule
Debt relief for merchant cash advances
We will pay off your existing debt and work with you directly to setup a better payment plan
Fast relief for business debt
Find a solution in days… not months with our automated screening and application process.
24/7 Technical support for debt relief
Our team of technical consultants is here to help make you business successful


Who is AltBanc?
Altbanc is a Silicon Valley based company whose mission is to help alleviate debt from MCAs, and help otherwise health companies get back on their feet.
How long does it take to get funding?
Funding generally takes about 2 weeks, end to end. We are happy to work with you to move as quickly as possible to ensure your needs are met.
How are you different from MCA companies?
Altbanc offers a remedy to the cycle of MCAs. We turn your aggresive daily and weekly payments into a more sustainable monthly payment that will not destroy your cashflow. Our goal is to work with you to get you out of bad debt, with positive cashflow and better credit.
What is merchant cash advance consolidation?
A merchant cash advance debt consolidation loan for a business is not much different from the one used for personal financial difficulties. Once approved for the loan, the Altbanc will pay off the existing merchant cash advance debts. A debt consolidation loan will essentially leave you with only one monthlly payment to make, where before you had daily and weekly payments with massive interest. By consolidating those merchant cash advances, you have saved your business thousands of dollars.

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